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Magic is the purest form of darkness,

and those born of its power

must be purged.

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Born of magic, Nerana is labeled a demon, and the cost of such treason is her life. Forced into hiding by the Order of Saro, she seeks to disenchant a curse that keeps her just within their grasp. After years of searching, she finds her redemption lies within the forbidden caves of Nhamashel, where ancient magic and formidable monsters lie in wait.

Through perilous trials, enemy territory, and finding trust in those she was taught to despise, Nerana soon learns that the journey to releasing such deadly magic may prove more fatal than the Order itself.


But for Nerana this is more than a quest for survival…

It’s a promise of revenge


Nerana Leithor is a magic bearing human, and the heroine of our journey. Stricken with a curse that binds her to the Order of Saro, Nerana has searched endlessly for an object known as the arun, which can dispel the curse cast upon her and give her what she seeks above all else: freedom. After finding the rare and magical object, Nerana quickly learns that the path to redemption is not as easy as it seemed. 


Loryk Vaughan, known professionally as Ebbard, is the spunky, and oft gutless, bard companion of our heroine. After meeting Nerana ten years ago, they formed an unbreakable bond of friendship and family. Loryk is as hopeless as he is loyal and will stop at nothing to protect those he loves, all while plucking a tune on his trusty lute. 


Klaud'Rhyl is an evaesh magic user and devoted friend to Azae'l, an unknown evae that has been cursed with death. Klaud's journey to saving his friend has lead him to Nerana, where they ally together to take on the Trials of Blood and reach the forbidden caves of Nhamashel, where both of their fates await. 


Avelloch'Rhyl is an evaesh warrior hellbent on revenge. After the attack on Azae'l, Avelloch pursued the one responsible, and his path led him to the human territories of Laeroth, where evae are strictly forbidden.

The Trials of Blood are a dangerous and formidable test meant for the most advanced magic users. Hidden deep within the tunnels of Anaemiril, the Trials are meant to test your strength and skill as you move through dangerous traps and face the creatures that dwell within the ancient tombs.

Nhamashel is a mystical cave hidden deep within the caves of Anaemiril. Protected by the ancient Trials of the Blood, only the most gifted of magic users may gain entry to the ancient and mythical cave. 


Trials of Blood

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