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Nerana Leithor is a magic bearing human, and the heroine of our journey. Stricken with a curse that binds her to the Order of Saro, Nerana has searched endlessly for an object known as the arun, which can dispel the curse cast upon her and give her what she seeks above all else: freedom. After finding the rare and magical object, Nerana quickly learns that the path to redemption is not as easy as it seemed.


Loryk Vaughan, known professionally as Ebbard, is the spunky, and oft gutless, bard companion of our heroine. After meeting Nerana ten years ago, they formed an unbreakable bond of friendship and family. Loryk is as hopeless as he is loyal and will stop at nothing to protect those he loves, all while plucking a tune on his trusty lute.


Gilbrich Tildrir is a pint-sized dreled with a fierce attitude and large personality. He is a leader within the Broken Order Brotherhood, and father figure to Nerana. Gilbrich is best known for his healing potions and magic elixirs, which have been banned from Laeroth by the Order of Saro.


Klaud'Rhyl is an evaesh magic user and devoted friend to Azae'l, an unknown evae that has been cursed with death. Klaud's journey to saving his friend has led him to Nerana, where they take on the Trials of Blood and reach the forbidden caves of Nhamashel, where both of their fates await


Avelloch'Rhyl is an evaesh warrior hellbent on revenge. After the attack on Azae'l, Avelloch pursued the one responsible, and his path led him to the human territories of Laeroth, where evae are strictly forbidden.

Master Reiman

Reiman Leithor is a master evaesh swordsman, and the founder of the Broken Order Brotherhood. He is revered a savior by those within the Brotherhood for his heroism and bravery in successfully leading the rebels against the Order of Saro. Master Reiman became the adoptive father of Nerana after he took her in and began training her to become the fierce warrior she is today.

High Priest Beinon

High Priest Beinon is the leader of the Order of Saro. He is known as being the closest to a divine that any man could ever be. With strict rulings and unforgiving punishments, the High Priest has become one of the most feared humans in Laeroth, and has made it his mission to retrieve the sorceress that he believes was born of pure darkness. 


An evaesh leader causing destruction within bordering evaesh and human territories.

The evae of clan Rhyl believe he is responsible for the curse placed on Azae'l, and seek to find and implicate him for his heinous crimes against their people.


Azae'l is an evae who has been cursed with death. Unable to fight beneath the growing ailments of her curse, she has asked her most trusted friend to seek out the cure which could replenish her strength, and give her a second chance at life.

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