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Limited Edition Hardbacks Coming Soon

To keep this simple, I'm taking emails for everyone that is interested in pre-ordering the limited edition hardbacks of Curse of the Fallen and/or The Forbidden Realms!!


These hardbacks will only be available for a VERY limited time, and are ONLY available for pre-order! After the pre-order has passed, these books will NOT be available in hardback again until the entire series is completed!


These limited edition hardbacks will include:

  1. Author signature

  2. Numbered copies

  3. Two custom interior art designs

  4. Interior images of each main character with a short profile

Included with the book will be a few special gifts that are only available to those who pre-order! You will also receive a FREE ebook copy of Curse of the Fallen or The Forbidden Realms to read while you wait for your hardbacks to print and ship to you! 


At this time, because I'm still waiting for the publisher to give me an estimate on pricing, I do not have a set price available, though I am expecting the range to be anywhere from $30-40 USD (£25--33 / $43-57 AUD / $39-52 CAD)


Once I have a set price for the hardbacks I will be able to set up the pre-order, but in the meantime, I wanted to get emails so that I can send out the ebooks to those who are interested in waiting for the hardback. :) 


**This form is not a permanent agreement to purchase a hardback copy. It's just a way for me to keep track of those interested so that I can email you directly with the ebook and pre-order information.


*** International shipping rates are not included and will incur additional fees

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