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Curse of the Fallen

The Forbidden Realms

Shadows of Nyn'Dira

The hold of Skye is located in the northeastern section of Laeroth. 

Skye is known for its rolling hills, beautiful coastal cliffs, and cool weather. 

Skye houses the Temple of Rothar, a holy sanctuary that only the utmost citizens, clergyman, shamans, and priests may enter. Only those permitted by the High Priest may enter the borders of Skye

The hold of Llyne was once the apex of logging and timber within the human territories.

After the founding of the Broken Order Brotherhood, Llyne quickly became the central hub of the rebellion, and is now considered a liberated hold, free from the constraints and laws of the Order of Saro. 

The hold of Styyr was once revered as the greatest place to live in all of Erolith.

Scholars, alchemists, apothecaries, and dabblers of the arcane came from all over the world to study and teach at the renown colleges. After the inauguration of High Priest Beinon, the colleges were permanently closed, and Styyr quickly became a shell of its former glory.

The hold of Ravinshire is known as the most devout of all the human territories. 

Although it holds the largest landmass of any human occupied land, Ravinshire is the least populated. The hardy men and women of the south pride themselves on being strong, resilient, and above

all else - devout. They revere the Divines above all else, and respect the priests

of the Order of Saro as their chosen leaders.  

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Mountainous and tropical islands, Erasin remains virtually uninhabited due to its lack of fertile soil, and its high population of territorial delvine. Though the sea creatures are unable to live on land, the beautiful and deceptive race has taken claim of the shores and outlying waters, bringing down any ships or witless boaters who find themselves passing by.

Aragoth is a rugged desert wasteland of vicious creatures and deadly occupants known as the vaxros. The brutish race called the fiery nation of Iziazan their home before the volcano erupted and forced their people into Laeroth. With the rise of the Order of Saro, and war brewing between the other races, the vaxros have closed their borders to anyone not of their blood.

The forests of Nyn'Dira are revered as the most beautiful place in all the world, though none but the natural inhabitants may ever enter its protected borders. Home to various races and several elven clans, Nyn'Dira is a mysterious and dangerous place that is forbidden to all humans by way of the Order, and the elves. 

The mountains of Uadin were once the seat of power in the ancient days of the ahn'clave.

Though the dreleds and dwarves consider the mountains their home, they've long since moved from the rugged terrain and have spread themselves throughout the continent. What was once a glorious and monumental place of power is now a wasteland of ancient ruins and inaccessible caves. 

Vleland is oft overlooked and forgotten by those who do not call the dreary wetlands home. 

Protected by magic, the once beautiful country has been reduced to sodden hills. Being a race unable to thrive in the sunlight, the constant need for cloud coverage and humidity has made Vleland a very dangerous, and very undesirable place to be. 

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