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There are many factions, guilds, clans and organizations within Laeroth. While many aren't as established or well organized, there are several which have a strong hold over society and its beliefs.

Order of Saro

The Order of Saro is a religious faction that oversees the human-led territories of Laeroth. The origin of the Order of Saro is rooted deep within the history of Erolith, and began in the bordering human continent of Aeshan. It was only half a century ago that the humans expanded their reign into Laeroth, and implemented their teachings across their new homeland. 

The order is lead by the High Priest, Priests, clergymen, and shamans. 

Broken Order Brotherhood

The Broken Order Brotherhood is the second largest faction, after the Order of Saro. It is a rebellious organization which seeks to dismantle the Order of Saro and drive out the reign of the High Priest. The Brotherhood fights for peace and equality across the continent, and have successfully laid siege to the hold of Llyne, where they currently reside as a free nation

The Shadow Blades

Hired mercenaries who work for gold and profit. While once an enemy of the Order, the Blades have since been allowed under the direct order of the High Priest to find and retrieve the Child of Skye, who carries a hefty bounty for being brought back alive.

Clan Klaet'il

The Klaet'il clan of Nyn'Dira is the largest evaesh clan in the world. They are aboriginal to the forests, and have been forced into a small sector, which covers roughly half the forest territory, after the Great War sent the evae of the mainland into the forest. The Klaet'il pride themselves on being fierce warriors, and place strength, valor, and victory above all else.

Clan Rhyl

The Rhyl clan of Nyn'Dira is the second largest evaesh clan in the world. After the Great War sent their people into the forest, they have integrated themselves with the inhabitants, though the tensions with the vindictive Klaet'il have never faded, and war constantly plagues their land. The Rhyl are generally peaceful, have a natural connection to nature, and pride themselves on loyalty, strength, and honor. 

The evae of Rhyl do not separate themselves as individuals, and believe they are all part of a large family, therefore, they simply use their clan name Rhyl as their surname. 

The eirean is an assembly of one leader from each of the evae and forest clans. It is made up of five members which includes an evae of clan Rhyl, Saevrala, and Klaet'il; Y'darus queen; and a warrior of the gorn. The eirean come together in time of great need under a treaty of good intentions which demands the removal of all weapons as they work together for the greatness of all their people.

The Al'Yavan is a brutal and ritualistic rite of passage that all vaxros must take in order to become esteemed warriors. While many fail this passage, those who pass are considered among the highest of their people. The rite forbids any of its warriors from romantic relationships, and they must take a lifelong vow to remain Al'Yavan for the remainder of their days. 



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