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Races of Laeroth

The continent of Laeroth holds several different races and species, some with their own sub-species and groups. The most prominent race to dwell within Laeroth are the humans, followed closely by the evae. The friction between the two races was the cause of the Great War, which saw the evae from their homes and forced them into the forests where they currently reside. 


The humans are the self-proclaimed leaders of Laeroth, and hold true to those words as they seek to expand their territories into the outlying regions held currently by the non-humans. Most humans follow in the teachings of the Order of Saro, which prides the Divines as the rightful rulers of Erolith, and seeks to cleanse the world of any impurities, which includes non-humans and magic users alike. 


The evae are a race who dwell primarily in the forests of Nyn'Dira, though they can be found all throughout the southern reaches of Laeroth, from the Whispering Mountains to the marshes of Vleland. The evae follow in the belief of their predecessors, the First Blood, who claimed magical energy was the path to redemption and truth.

There are five sub-races of the evae and three clans within the forest and mountain regions. 


The nyx are a sub-race of the evae who live within the marshlands of Vleland. Due to the sensitive nature of their skin, and their underdeveloped eyes, the nyx are unable to thrive beneath harsh sunlight, and must be under constant darkness to survive. The nyx hold their own inherent magical abilities, and unlike their cousins in the forest, they receive their sustenance from the tissue and fluids of living beings. 


The vaxros are a large race of brutish warriors who dwell within the wastelands of Aragoth. Born with deep red, hardened skin, the vaxros are immune to flame, and have the inherent ability to manipulate and gain strength from fire. While few are able to ascend into the esteemed company of the Al'Yavan the common vaxros are considered valued fighters and seek to protect their land at all costs. 


The dreleds are halfing humanoids with the inherent ability of theriantrophy. While small and frail in their natural form, the dreleds are among one of the strongest races in the continent, though they prefer to live in seclusion and peace. Because of their size and inability to live alone, as their homes were constantly threatened by human forces, most dreleds have decided to leave Learoth in search of a safer, more peaceful, way of life. 

Not much is known about the exotic and secretive delvine, a race of semi-aquatic humanoids who dwell within the waters surrounding the beautiful islands of Erasin. Many myths and legends have surrounded the notably beautiful race, including the belief that they don't even exist at all. Whether they are true or not, the legends of the delvine have lead many to visit the uninhabited islands, never to return. 

The Y'lanae are a sub-race of elves who dwell within the wastelands of Aragoth. Unable to thrive in such harsh desert conditions, the y'lanae give their praise to the Guthrial, who provides them with the resources to live comfortably beneath their steam-powered cities. 

Though no race is permitted into Aragoth by laws of the Vaxros, the Y'lanae are aboriginal to the land, and are therefore granted access to their sectors and cities. 

The Y'darus are indigenous to the forests of Nyn'Dira, though their numbers have slowly dwindled since the inclusion of the evae into their lands. As a race of faun-like humanoids, they are against violence and advocate for peace, though they have recently began training warriors to protect their territories from invaders.





The ancient  race is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Revered by the non-humans as the creators of magic and power, the humans know them simply as extinct. Many of their caves, known collectively as Anaemiril, have been sealed by ancient magic and dangerous traps, though it hasn't stopped the curious adventurer or savvy scholar from embarking within the dark and uncharted tunnels. Though the Ahn'clave were believed to be the most prominent and populous race of their time, they have since disappeared without a trace, leaving behind nothing but their ancient tombs and deadly secrets. 

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