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Fallen Light series is a dark fantasy series with epic quests, themes, and plots. It follows a human sorceress, Nerana, as she battles the persecution of being labeled a “demon” due to her magical blood. Along the way, Nerana is introduced to Aélla, who is on a quest of her own that may provide Nerana with the guidance she needs to restore peace back to a world teeming with chaos.



This guide is meant to ease you into the writing style and intentions of the author, as well as give you references on reading order and the importance of the novellas.


I’ll structure this guide by answering reader FAQ about the series


Topics will include:


  1. Is it dark or epic fantasy?

  2. Is this a YA, romance, or “easy” read?”

  3. Will we explore much of the world or stay in one place?

  4. How many points of view are there?

  5. Is this a progression fantasy?

  6. What is the reading order?

  7. Are the novellas necessary?

  8. Additional features

  9. Important references

  10. Important things to remember before diving in



  1. Is it dark or epic fantasy?


This isn’t a typical, run-of-the-mill dark fantasy. There are a lot of moving pieces, a lot of characters, a lot

of lore and depth and magic which makes it a good mix of dark and epic fantasy as the plot is large and the

themes are heavy.


   2. Is this a YA, romance, or “easy” read?”

No, no, and no. This isn’t a “turn off your brain” kind of read. Characters are introduced before

officially joining the party, details that seem to hold no depth may be revealed as vital to

the plot later in the series, and small bits of foreshadowing are sprinkled throughout the novels,

making each readthrough unique as you discover more and more about the world, characters, and lore. Bottom line: pay attention to everything. Theorize what’s to come.


The author likes to watch you squirm...and squirm you will.


So be warned, there is no hand holding here. While you aren’t thrust into a world and forced to sink or swim on your own, the emotions and internal monologue are written in a way that’s meant to be more immersive than outwardly spoken to the reader. You will easily understand the story but will need to pay attention to the world, actions, and dialogue to have a full grasp of why things are unfolding in a certain way.


Remember, everything matters. Is that character too emotional? Is their ARC stagnant or going backwards? Did they mention an item that seemed useless? Does their eye color matter? Did he really eat shrooms and have a foursome with three strangers? Okay, maybe that one doesn’t matter, but hey, you only live once, right?


So, prepare yourselves. These books are action packed and full throttle from start to finish. (Note from readers: The author really finds her stride with book 2.5, the Banished. This novella, along with Shadows of Nyn’Dira, slows down the pacing and places the characters at the heart of the story. If Curse and Realms are a bit too hectic, don’t worry, it’s better balanced as the series goes on)


  3. Will we explore much of the world or stay in one place?


This series will take you on a journey throughout the entire continent of Laeroth. That’s right, folks! Not only is this world immensely detailed with 10+ races with various cultures, 5+ unique languages, 5 countries, and dozens of factions or guilds, the reader will get to explore them all alongside Nerana and co. With this limited 3rd person POV, the reader will only know and understand the things that the POV character knows. Anything they wouldn’t know, or things that may not fit with the narrative, are added as footnotes for the reader to further explore the depth and lore of this expansive world.


These footnotes are not necessary reads but do add some history, translations, or pronunciations to help keep you on track and immersed in the various cultures of Laeroth.


Keep in mind there are language barriers between the characters, and while many phrases spoken in evaesh (elvish) are translated, some are not. Whatever the POV character knows, you know, and they don’t know everything, capiche?


                4. How many points of view are there?


                    The series starts with one point of view, Nerana, as she journeys through several countries and regions on her                             quest. While Curse of the Fallen introduces you to the series with one point of view, it stretches into                                       more as the series progresses and we dive into the eyes and minds of not only the protagonist but the                                    side characters who travel alongside her.

  5. Is this a progression fantasy?


No. Don’t let the tagline (this Child is not the chosen one…) fool you. Nerana is 24 years old and has trained from a young age in the art of combat. She’s exceptionally skilled with a sword and is able to use her magic in dire situations, though it severely weakens her, sometimes to the point of fainting.


This downside to her magic is seen throughout the books and is best described as an expression of energy. The more magical energy that is used, the more exhausted the user becomes. If the magic user practices their magic, it becomes stronger, allowing them to use more energy before feeling its side effects.


Because Nerana has been forced to withhold her magic, she’s used it very little throughout her life. This isn’t a progression story, however, as Neer has learned a lot about her magic and understands the basics of wielding her energy if needed.


  6. What is the reading order?


The reading order can be found multiple times within each book, at, and on Amazon.


Curse of the Fallen and The Forbidden Realms can both be best described as prequels. While they are the first books–and required reads for the series– they were written to be more of an introduction to the world, characters, and series as a whole. We meet several important characters, many of whom aren’t physically introduced until later books, explore the world, learn hints about the lore, and witness the magic and world through Nerana’s eyes.


The release order (and recommended for first time read throughs):


Curse of the Fallen

The Forbidden Realms

The Banished

Shadows of Nyn’Dira

A Storm of Sorrows*

The Brave*

The Child of Skye*

The Broken*

Ashes of the Fallen*




The recommended re-read order:


The Broken

Curse of the Fallen

The Banished

The Forbidden Realms

Shadows of Nyn’Dira

The Brave

A Storm of Sorrows

The Child of Skye

Ashes of the Fallen


  7. Are the novellas necessary?


Yes and no. While the novellas aren’t required reads, they do offer insight into major plot points that will be unveiled throughout the series. If you want to understand why or how things are unfolding the way they are, the novellas would be a great addition to your TBR. However, if you’re fine with reading through the main series and don’t need to know the how or why, then the novellas are fine to skip.


The novellas are side stories or prequels that offer insight, lore, and character-building moments. They will have plots that progress parallel to the main series but aren’t needed to understand it. The novels will include many easter eggs (including references, places, characters, or events) from the novellas, so if you read them those may be fun to notice and help you to feel even more connected to the world and characters.


The Banished – A side story following characters from Curse of the Fallen during the events of The Forbidden Realms


The Brave – Aélla prequel as she takes her vows as Drimil’Rothar and starts her pilgrimage to Tre’lan Rothar


The Broken – Nerana prequel as she finds an unlikely ally and is introduced to the Broken Order Brotherhood


  8. Additional features


This series comes packed with added features to further immerse you into the world of Erolith.


In-book bonuses include:


  • Two-page map spread

  • Additional close-up map

  • Pronunciation guide

  • World-building snippets (Order/Brotherhood tenets, al’yavan vow, etc)

  • Two-page summary of the previous book

  • Book reading order

  • Table of Contents

  • First chapter of next book (Curse and Banished)

  • Prologue and/or Epilogue (book 2+)

  • Footnotes

  • Epigraphs

  • Full glossary

  • Elvish translation guide (book 3+)

  • Personae Dramatis (book 3+)

  • Chapter names

  • Unique chapter header art for different POVs


Website bonuses include:


  • Interactive world map

  • Downloadable maps, guides, and glossaries

  • In-depth look at each country or region

  • Merchandise, including signed books


  9. Important references


  • The Order of Saro – a religious faction that oversees the human-led territories of Laeroth

  • The Broken Order Brotherhood – a rebellious faction that seeks to overthrow the Order of Saro

  • The Circle of Six – the Six Divines worshipped by the Order of Saro

  • Laeroth – name of the human country and the name of the continent

  • Llyne – easternmost region of the human country

  • Ravinshire – southernmost region of the human country

  • Skye – capital of the human country; home to the High Priest

  • Nyn’Dira – elven forests


  • The Nasir – A Klaet’il leader

  • Klaet’il – wood elf clan

  • Rhyl – wood elf clan

  • Evae – elf

  • Evaesh – elvish language


  10. Important things to remember before diving in


  • Pay attention to everything

  • Understanding the emotions and tone of the scene will help keep you immersed, as these aren’t usually outwardly expressed to the reader

  • Characters will come in and out of the story, making their paths non-linear

  • The footnotes are there to provide additional information – they are not necessary and are fine to skip

  • The glossary is to be read after completion of the novel, lest ye find yourself in a world of spoilers

  • Magic is an expression of energy, the more you practice the stronger you will become. The weaker you are, the bigger toll it will take on your body

  • This is a soft magic system, meaning the magic, potions, and other artifacts will not have an in-depth explanation



You can find the Fallen Light series on Goodreads or Amazon


Read the first five chapters of Curse of the Fallen >>> here <<< to see if it’s your thing, chicken wing.



In the words of our lord and savior, A Fictional Escapist:


“When people crap on about the next Tolkien, this series could be it.”


What more do you need? Go read it now!

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